Club Marine Emergency Preparedness Course Registration- Rozelle, NSW

Course Content

The first 3.5 hours of the course is spent in the classroom discussing and analysing the following issues:

• Learn from actual marina case studies
• Ensure you are compliant with legal requirements
• Implement an emergency planning process
• Develop your own emergency management plan
• Set up your emergency planning committee
• Conduct a risk assessment for emergencies at your facility
• Develop an emergency control organisation
• Draft and test emergency response procedures
• Implement a suitable training program
• Ensure you have the right emergency equipment
• Discuss appropriate contractor requirements
• Post emergency protocols and policies
• Review key causes of marina fires, spills and related emergencies using Club Marine claim statistic

The final 30 minutes of the course is spent on the marina performing an informative site inspection. Participants discuss the application of the above issues for that marina as an example.


• Ensure your facility is prepared for any emergency according to best practises
• Network with other marinas in the area to share ideas and knowledge on emergency preparedness
• Identify any common issues with other local marinas and develop improvement strategies

Event Location: Sydney City Marine

Registrations Open: 8th Feb 17 1:00 PM

Registrations Close: 7th Jun 17 11:55 PM