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Developing the marina industries through education, accreditation and research

Welcome to the Marina Industries Association (MIA), the peak industry body for the marina industries in Australia, Asia and the Pacific regions.

Who we represent: MIA is dedicated to the needs of marina owners and operators of berthing, mooring, storage and slipway/workshop facilities connected to sailing, cruising and general boating. MIA also services the needs of vendor businesses that supply goods and services to marinas. MIA has members in many countries and has a growing influence in the marina industries across the wider Asian region.

Marina benefits: Marinas provide many benefits for boaters and their local communities. Marinas provide a safe environment for the mooring and storage of boats and are a centre for the provision of boating facilities and services. For example Australia’s 347 marinas provide employment for 19,000 people and create AU$4.1B p.a in gross turnover. The majority of marinas provide recreational and social opportunities for local communities. 53% of marinas invested in new or improved environmental protection facilities and or technologies in 2012/13

What we do: MIA's mission is to support the sustainable development of the marina industries through education, accreditation and research programs. Click the links below to hear what marina managers have to say about our training.

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IMM Graduate
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IMM Scholarship Winner
Karen Baldwin
Training Benefits
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AMM Graduate
Richard Hewett CMP
Trevor Fong
CMP Certification

Membership and alliances: MIA is an active partner in the Global Marina Institute, a member of ICOMIA and a research and conference partner with Boating Industries Alliance Australia. MIA also has a long standing research partnership with the Recreational Marine Research Centre, Michigan State University and more recently with the Sino-Australian Research Centre for Coastal Management.

More information: This website is full of information not only for MIA members and industry non- members. Boaters, students, researchers, businesses, government and community members interested in marinas can find valuable information on our web site.