Club Marine Emergency Preparedness Training

How prepared are you for this?

Emergencies occur when you least expect and can catch people off-guard. Are you and your marina staff prepared? What are the legal requirements marinas must abide by in an emergency? Is your emergency management plan complete, up-to-date and tested? Is the necessary emergency equipment on hand and are all staff regularly trained in its use? If a serious incident occurs in your marina, will Work Cover and the insurance company be satisfied you have all appropriate documentation and processes in place?

In co-operation with Safety Corp and Club Marine, MIA has developed the Club Marine Emergency Preparedness Training. This half day course is relevant to marinas of all sizes. It will help you develop an emergency management plan for your facility or refresh ideas for facilities with an existing emergency management plan. You cannot afford to miss this training.


Stephen Hosking, Marina Manager at the Quays Marina: We sent our Dockmaster to your Emergency Preparedness Course. He came back full of knowledge and learned a lot. It was money well spent and well done on putting together yet another great course and your ongoing support!

Jayson McDonald, Marina Manager at Royal Motor Yacht Club Broken Bay said “Even though our club has a well-developed emergency management plan, the Emergency Preparedness Course was still really useful. As our marina and situation is always changing, the course highlighted the need to ensure our documentation and processes are kept up-to-date. You can’t be apathetic with emergency planning.”

Nick Tebbs, Yard Manager at Woolwick Dock: The Emergency Preparedness course opened up our eyes on what we needed to do to expand on our existing documentation. Hearing about other facilities and the plans they have developed was very useful in helping us build on our own material. It was a really worthwhile course.

Course Content

The first 3.5 hours of the course is spent in the classroom discussing and analysing the following issues:

  • Learn from actual marina case studies
  • Ensure you are compliant with legal requirements
  • Implement an emergency planning process
    What's your first response for this?
  • Develop your own emergency management plan
  • Set up your emergency planning committee
  • Conduct a risk assessment for emergencies at your facility
  • Develop an emergency control organisation
  • Draft and test emergency response procedures
  • Implement a suitable training program
  • Ensure you have the right emergency equipment
  • Discuss appropriate contractor requirements
  • Post emergency protocols and policies
  • Review key causes of marina fires, spills and related emergencies using Club Marine claim statistics

The final 30 minutes of the course is spent on the marina performing an informative site inspection. Participants discuss the application of the above issues for that marina as an example.


  • Ensure your facility is prepared for any emergency according to best practises
  • Network with other marinas in the area to share ideas and knowledge on emergency preparedness
  • Identify any common issues with other local marinas and develop improvement strategies


There are no prerequisites for this course

Who should attend

Key stakeholders in drafting and implementing your facility's emergency response plan such as marina managers, fire safety warden, club manager and dockmasters.

Course Fee

The local course fees include GST and are based on the number of participants from one marina.

1st & 2nd participant 3rd participant and above
MIA Member $350pp $300pp
Non member $525pp $475pp

Fees include: course folder, morning or afternoon tea or light lunch


The training is conducted by a Safety Corp trainer. In most instances a CMM or CMP will also assist with the course administration. See below for 2017 course dates and locations. The course duration is four hours.


Queensland - Townsville and Brisbane

Date Location Venue Start Time Finish Time
Thurs 16 Feb 2017 Townsville Townsville Yacht Club 9am 1pm

Wed 21 June 2017


Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron Brisbane, QLD




Date Location Venue Start Time Finish Time

Tues 14 June 2017

Sydney NSW

Sydney City Marine, NSW




Date Location Venue Start Time Finish Time

Wed 24 May 2017


Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron Victoria (south)



Western Australia

Date Location Venue Start Time Finish Time

Tues, 14 Mar 2017

Fremantle, WA

East Fremantle Yacht Club




Date Location Venue Start Time Finish Time
Thurs 24 Aug Singapore TBD 9am 1pm
Fri 25 Aug Hong Kong TBD 9am 1pm


To register for the course, email the MIA Industry Education Officer at the following details of your course participants.

  • Full name
  • Position
  • Date of Birth
  • Mobile Contact
  • Email

Enrolment deadline: 2 weeks before start of course.


Contact the MIA Industry Education Officer
Email: or Tel. 02 8197 4753