International Clean Marina Program

Abell Point Marina, North Queensland

About the International Clean Marina Program

The International Clean Marina Program is a voluntary, incentive-based education and outreach program. it encourages environmental compliance and the use of best management practises for marinas.

The focus of the program is to assist the marina industry operators in their endeavours to protect inland and coastal waterways by leading them through a voluntary accreditation process. The program provides an easy-to-follow system to develop valuable environmental management practises and rewards accredited operators with real business benefits.

The program is owned and managed by the MIA. For further information and application form, click here

MIA's Clean Marina Partner

MIA's partner in the Clean Marina Program is OLEOLOGY, an Australian company which specialises in the provision of Wash Water Recycling Systems (WWRS) as solutions to dealing with contaminated water streams. See for more details.

The program is supported in NSW by the Department of Primary Industries, Department of the Environment, Fisheries NSW and the NSW EPA; in South Australia by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA); in Western Australia by Fisheries WA and in Queensland by Qld Fisheries.

Steps to becoming a Clean Marina

The process is aided by the provision of a step-by-step, easy to follow guidebook and audit checklist. The guidebook outlines operational guidelines for environmental management, including processes for pump outs, hull cleaning, turbidity, emissions, management of wastewater and accidental spills as well as staff training and education of boating enthusiasts.

Steps to accreditation:

The Clean Marina Self Assessment

Self assessment through the Clean Marina Program checklists and the achievement of basic environmental management systems

Level 3 - Accreditation

Clean Marina - Independent Assessment

Assessment by a trained and qualified Clean Marina Consultant, conducted every three years. Level 3 status acknowledges the achievement of rigorous environmental management systems

Level 4 - Accreditation, (ISO 14001)

Clean Marina - Specialist Assessment

To assist those marinas wishing to bring their environmental management in to line with the International Standard 14001 (ISO 14001).

'Fish Friendly Marina' Accreditation

Fish Friendly Accreditation is now available to all certified Level 3 and Level 4 ISO 14001 certified marinas and has been developed to inform marina managers on how to maximise the benefits for fish and recognise those operators actively working to improve fish habitat.

Further details on 'Fish Friendly' accreditation, click here

Feedback from RPAYC on their recent accreditation:

In August 2014 The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club received its Fish Friendly accreditation from the Marina Industry Association. While the club has long ago been self declared as a "marine sanctuary" we decided that as a Clean Marina we may as well be accredited under the MIA program also, particularly given the additional minimal investment required.

Naturally I commend this program to any marina who may be considering it, but it is worth mentioning, that an unexpected by product was the associated media coverage and attention that this program delivered to the club. Through the efforts of the MIA staff, we had coverage in all the local media publications both print and on line, several industry publications (State and National) and publicity through the State Government courtesy of our State Government local member. This reach was significant and not something we could ever afford to pay for.

I extend my thanks to the MIA staff and congratulate you on this initiative.

With kind regards

Suzanne Davies,General Manager,The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club

Benefits of being a Clean Marina

  • As the operator of an Accredited International Clean Marina, you will benefit from the use of the Clean Marina logos, flags and materials. Your business will also receive a boost from Clean Marina marketing programs, which promote clean marinas throughout the boating community.
  • Delivers short and long term cost savings by helping you find ways to save money whilst improving the environment
  • Minimises the potential for environmental fines and prosecutions
  • Improves company image and increases customer patronage
  • Increases confidence with Government, the community, local residents, boat owners and within the marine, tourism, leisure and recreation sectors
  • Will provide you with expert advice on how to reduce pollution impacts
  • Will improve environmental conditions, benefiting local ecosystems, local communities and local businesses

Listen to Wayne Shepherd CMM, General Manager - MENA, Asia and Europe at Mourjan Marinas discuss the Clean Marinas accreditation process and benefits.....

Who should be a Clean Marina?

If you operate a marina, yacht club or other boat club, a boat repair facility such as a slipway or travel lift yard, or if you are involved in any associated industry, you should get involved in the Clean Marina Program.

Whether your business has a rich heritage and history in boating, or your site is newly modernised, or whether you provide world class boat storage or repair super yachts or small timber vessels, you have an opportunity to become part of a program that is dedicated to improving the environment whilst boosting the reputation and profile of your business.

Which marinas are Clean Marina accredited?

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As a companion to the International Clean Marina Program, MIA encourages boaters to learn about and to use clean boating techniques - Click Here

For further information and application details

Please contact the MIA at or telephone + 61 2 9439 5806